Bio & Pictures

7 LAWS is a musical band, based in Seattle, WA., USA

There is one member, Brian Thomas. He composed, orchestrated, played instruments, and engineered all aspects of the music available through this website.

Brian is no stranger to music. He played piano starting at age 3, added synthesizers to his repertoire at age 13, and computers at age 16. Now much older, he intends to push the envelope of music creation from both the musical front, and the technological aspect that drives it.

7 LAWS produces a wide variety of music, from 'powerful instrumentals' to a wide variety of dance music styles, including Techno, Trance, Acid Jazz, and others. These songs will be posted as they are completed.

You can gain more insight into the life of Brian Thomas by reading the "Explosive" album notes.

While there are no pictures at this time, if enough requests come in, some will be posted.

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