License Agreement

By purchasing a license from the band 7 LAWS, you must acknowledge and agree to the following license agreement.

Once a license is purchased for a group of songs (for example, the "Explosive" album), it is assigned to one owner (either the original purchaser, or the recipient of the license if it is a gift). The license allows the following people to listen to the music: the license owner, the owner's family, and the members of the owner's household (for example, roommates). The license permits the license owner to make unlimited copies of the music for the listeners covered by the license.

The license may be transferred to another owner (i.e., sold to someone else). To do this, the original owner must give the music to the new owner, and the original owner must destroy or delete any remaining copies. The new owner must then agree to this license agreement. In the case where the license owner wishes to retain their copy, they may give or sell a copy of the music to someone who is not covered by the license. However, the new person must then purchase a license from 7 LAWS.

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