About Shareware Music

The computer software industry introduced us to the simple but powerful concept of shareware. Allow people to try out your product, and if they like it, encourage them to buy it. This way, people would know for sure whether they were buying what they wanted or not. Some industry pundits predicted that this would never work, but the opposite happened. The shareware concept took off. Look to the success of DOOM and Quake as examples.

So, why can't the same thing be applied to music? It can! And that is our goal of this web site: To allow you to hear music by the band 7 LAWS for FREE, and if you find that you like it after 30 days, you are encouraged to purchase it.

Music brings up some interesting options for distribution that generally have not been addressed by record companies. Namely, there are many ways to play back music - you can use a CD player, tape deck, radio, TV, or your computer.

We embrace these different playback mediums, and have come up with a way to purchase music that takes advantage of this fact.

When we offer an album for sale, we offer it in two parts: First, we charge for the physical media. When you buy this, you own the disc but not a license to the music, and you can do anything you want with the disc. The other product we offer is a license to the music. This gives you the right to listen to the music.

As an example, on the order page, you will notice that the price of the "Explosive" CD is $9.98. This is the price of the physical media ($7.99), plus one musical license ($1.99).

What if you just want the music, and don't need the CD (for example, if you prefer keeping the MP3 files on your hard drive)? All you have to buy is the license.

The license to the music is pretty broad. It covers the license owner (whether they purchased it or received it as a gift), the owner's family, and the owner's household. This means if you buy a license, you can listen to the music, your family can listen to the music, and if you have roommates that aren't family members, they can listen to the music.

It gets better. What if you want to make a CD copy of the music and give it to a friend? You can. All we ask is that your friend purchase a license. Since the cost of CD-R's are very inexpensive, this is a good way to keep the cost down while spreading the music. We don't mind - the license cost is a fair enough value for the time that was spent creating the music.

Does this mean that you can press a thousand CD's and sell them at a profit? Yes, provided you send us the license fee for each CD sold. Also, all the original songs must be intact (unmodified) and provided at the best quality of the medium being sold. Finally, all credits must be included with the music. This may be the ideal situation if you are outside the USA and believe there is a market for this music in your country.

If you intend to redistribute the music for profit, please contact us so we can help ensure the music is provided at the highest quality. We can even provide perfect digital copies of the original masters.

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